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We never stopped dreaming, and neither have our visiting artists, but we might… We’ve seduced a world class team of rockstar artists to travel here from across the country. The sort of artists that are used to getting paid. They’re traveling on their own dime to bring their wondrous imaginations, talents, and effort to our fair port city. If you have the means, it’d look a lot better for all of us if we could at least buy them some ham sandwiches and sparkling soda.

If you wish to donate towards the cause, but you happen to be pathologically afraid of the number 500, click HERE to slip us whatever amount suits your fancy.

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Help subsidize the travel costs of one of our fabulous visiting artists! SubSuperior features an illustrious roster of local and international artists. This year’s cohort of Visiting Artists-in-Residence includes artists from Miami, North Carolina, New Jersey, and Detroit, all of whom have travelled here on their own dime to participate.


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