Sub Superior :: A Completely Unnecessary Ticket


Buying a useless $25 ticket is a very kind thing to do.

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A Kind Gesture

In keeping with our religious convictions, Sub-Superior is a free event to all. However, if you’d like to purchase a ticket, you may still buy one. We have several honored ambassadors traveling great distances to join in the performance of our water rites. We’d like to feed them while they’re here, and pay for their travel if possible. Please check your email for a confirmation receipt from PayPal.


  • A Shoutout In A Thank You Instagram Post
  • A wondrous feeling deep in your heart, a swelling sea of sufficiently superior blessings will babble from your love center, corroding the toxic creep of hopelessness that’s been taunting your sanity. A drop of faith will greet your parched soul; and your dreams will shudder as they remember their own existence.
  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to everything anyone can already attend for free.


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