#1: Respect Lake Superior!

This is your reminder to pack out whatever you pack in. This entire endeavor is intended to honor the lake and celebrate our connection to it. At all times please take care of our environment, and your self.

What is sub superior?

Sub Superior is an EXPERIMENTAL underwater music festival based out of Duluth, MN that takes place on, in, and around the world’s largest body of freshwater (by surface area) Lake Superior.

During the festival a network of artists, aquatic professionals, enthusiasts, nerds, and craftspeople come together and offer an insane variety of water based performances and experiences.

What is an underwater music festival?

It’s a challenge. A challenge to engage with the ordinary in extraordinary ways. Sub Superior was conceived by musician, composer, and performance artist Robot Rickshaw (aka Troy Rogers). Troy invited a smattering of artists from the Duluth weirdo arts community, as well as peers from an international network of sound artists, to collaborate and give life to an impossible idea.

It is a festival that engages with the unique sonic nature of Lake Superior and offers
attendees and participants opportunities to listen, see, touch, and feel our great mother Superior in new and unusual ways.

How do i attend?

It’s tricky. Most of the events occur near shore and may be passively viewed by beach goers. Check our SOCIAL MEDIA each morning to get the latest updates.


The best way to approach Sub Superior is to prepare for a day at the beach. Bring a beach chair, your own food & beverage, whatever you need to enjoy some time at the lake. Perhaps, just maybe, you’ll happen to witness some fabulous shenanigans. At the very least, you’ll get to hang out with some fascinating friends and weirdos. Costumes of all varieties are encouraged, silver and unicorn related items are especially welcome.

how can i be a part?

Click HERE to go to our volunteer signup page!