Welcome to…

Sub Superior

Underwater Music Festival 2023





Sub Superior is an experimental festival that expands our conscious experience of Lake Superior.

Events takes place on, in, and around the water and feature antics from the Northland’s (and beyond) most absurd creators. Sub Superior is a joyful celebration of art, community, science, and wonder. Please dive in!
(Don’t forget your favorite squeaky toy and hottest unicorn outfits)




Click to navigate over to our volunteer signup form. Let us know how you’d like to be a part! 



One day, with your help, we might be able to dream of breaking even on this intense labor of love.



Duluth needs more homes, the climate refugees need more homes. We believe establishing the formation of a Hexagonal Extraterritorial Autonomous State (HEXAS) is the most rational solution to these, and a host of other persistent & bothersome crises, facing the Northland.


It’s Fun

Unicorn and merfolk attire are big hits in this crowd. Kid and fam friendly.

It’s Smart

Acoustic and electronic fascinations collide under the direction of musical genius, Troy Rogers. 


Sub Superior attracts the best and brightest characters in the Northland.


All menu options are weather dependant. The following list is an expanding constellation of expected activities. During the festival, check our update feed for the latest information.

Music For Dolphins

In July, composer Troy Rogers (aka Robot Rickshaw) traveled to the Florida Keys to make music for dolphins with fellow members of the Futurist Gardening Group.

Following this successful initial attempt, in which a group of bottlenose dolphins came and interacted with the music emanating from an underwater speaker, Music for Dolphins at SubSuperior will attempt to up the ante.

Despite the lack of documented sightings of the ever-elusive freshwater albino bottlenose dolphins of Lake Superior for many decades, we shall attempt to make contact and beckon them here with AI-generated approximations of these mythical creatures’ dulcet dolphin whistle tones, before your very ears.

Artist: Troy Rogers
Location: TBA
Time: TBA


The Committed Duo

Visiting artists in residence Juraj Kojs (FL) & Jennifer Beattie (NC) return to SubSuperior after their triumphant piano sinking and refloating soundwalk and performance at last year’s festival to delight anew.

Artist: Juraj Kojs & Jennifer Beattie
Location: TBA
Time: TBA


Hexas: Assembly Ritual

SubSuperior’s HEXAS (Hexagonal EXtraterritorial Aquautomous State) is a floating platform for community art happenings comprising multiple interconnected hexagonal floating cells (Hexels).

Cheap to build, rapidly scalable, and open source, sponsoring, owning, and/or building one’s own Hexel is a form of accessible radicalism. Modular and reconfigurable, HEXAS is SubSuperior’s mobile stage and staging ground for artphibious action.

Location: TBA
Time: TBA


Cleanup & Lake Listening

Participatory beach cleanup @ Rock Beach, followed by an exercise in receiving guidance from Mother Superior through acoustic observation.

Location: Rock Beach
Time: TBA


Catwalking The Plank

A submersible fashion procession. All are encouraged to don their most fabulous underwater fashion, and process together down the HEXAS runway into the lake to the delight of one and all.

Location: TBA
Time: TBA



w/ Café Scientifique Twin Ports Virtual

Location: Virtual
Time: TBA

Subscussions Image


Floaty Flotilla

If the thought of floating along the shoreline of Lake Superior in your finest unicorn attire, surrounded by a cadre of absurdist aquatic enthusiasts gets you excited… this is your event. 

Location: TBA
Time: TBA


Semi-submersed Prancercise® Procession

PARTICIPATORY :: Don your favorite unicorn mask and join us for this semi-submerged spectacle combining aquatic culture with Joanna Rohrback’s Prancercise®:The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence. 

Location: TBA
Time: TBA


Underwater Gallery

All Ages Welcome
Especially for snorkeling and scuba-diving enthusiasts, this event will feature a plethora of sub-aqueous artistic paraphernalia temporarily suspended beneath the waves for your viewing pleasure.

Location: TBA
Time: TBA