HEXEL :: [sponsor]


Your patronage will cover the material costs of one 5′ per side, regular Hexagonal floating platform on which SubSuperior artists will perform. SubSuperior Public Works volunteers will sweat away in the workshop to build each sponsored platform. If you’d like, you can sponsor a Hexel for a specific artisit or non-profit organization who will use it to participate in SubSuperior. Special perks may be available for Hexel patrons…inquire directly.



SubSuperior’s HEXAS (Hexagonal EXtraterritorial Aquautomous State) is a floating platform for community art happenings comprising multiple interconnected hexagonal floating cells (Hexels).

Cheap to build, rapidly scalable, and open source, sponsoring, owning, and/or building one’s own Hexel is a form of accessible radicalism. Modular and reconfigurable, HEXAS is SubSuperior’s mobile stage and staging ground for artphibious action.


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