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The Embassy welcomes your offering.

Money is evil. Give it to us.

We humbly accept the burden of transmuting your toxic wealth into the seeds of a brighter future.

Two Ways To Donate

Venmo: @TheEmbassy

Or, the clunky PayPal way. Add this item to your cart. When viewing your cart or checking out, scroll down to enter the actual amount you’d like to donate. We have to pay more to get the streamlined donation button, we’ll get there.

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  1. Richard Basster

    Wow, just completely satisfied! I was really having a hard time in life, hoarding my obscene wealth like a nasty old dragon, just miserable and guilt ridden, dawn till dusk. I came across this “giving” concept and figured “Heck, why not?”, so I just went for it. I watched as the few measly thousand I threw at these weirdos opened the door to an entirely new vision of the future. My heart swelled as this overwhelming feeling that I could only describe as “good” began to fester inside of my wilting ventricles. My loins tingled as a renewed since of vitality coursed through my veins. 10/10 would recommend.

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